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St Johns Bowling

We meet as a congregation each week to learn more about God and worship together. We meet at 10.30am with refreshments after every service. You will receive a warm welcome but if you’d like someone to meet you at the door do call and we’d be happy to arrange that. Our worship style is relaxed and modern. We normally all start off in church together then the children go to their groups.

Children & Young People

St Johns Bowling

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You are very welcome to use the reception area at the back of church if your baby becomes unsettled during the service. You will still be able to hear what is going on through the sound system.

1 – 4 years Splish Splash

This group meets round in the church hall, with a leader and helpers. It is much more than a crèche, with singing, storytelling and crafts. Parents are encouraged to leave their children, but we understand you may need to stay the first time or two!

5 – 11 years Splosh

This group meets in the church hall with a great team of leaders and helpers. All singing and dancing, never a dull moment, so dive in!

11 upwards

This age group is welcome on a Sunday morning, but they also have a special meeting ‘SNIX’ each Sunday evening at the church building. Our upper school children are also encouraged to attend our youth congregation Xstream which meets fortnightly on a Friday evening at the e:merge building Pawson Street, Laisterdyke and in cells on the alternate weeks. See e:merge’s website Kamagra Online Usa

All our leaders and helpers are registered with DBS.


St Johns Bowling

Our mid-week groups help us to get to know a smaller number of people much better and enable us to share our lives with others who are following a life of faith. They are also places to find and offer support through life’s ups and downs. The groups or cells vary widely ranging in age range and clientele and meet on different days and at different times so if you are interested in joining one do get in touch.


St Johns Bowling


We are a part of Outworks:Bradford alongside these other congregations:

  • The Well
  • Halogen
  • The Garden Project
  • XStream (Youth Congregation)
  • Bradford Family Church
  • Bierley Bethel Community Church (WRU)
  • St Stephen’s West Bowling
  • Global Ministry of Champions (AOG)
  • Church @ Bradford Academy

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At TMC we aim to serve the community around where we live and so many of our members volunteer at the community initiatives and projects we are linked with in Outworks. they include –

BD4 Community Trust

BD4 Family is a family outreach project working with pre-school aged children and their parents or carers. The Gems project has been running since 1983 and works with the older members of our community delivering a variety of activities each week with additional activities at times throughout the year.

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Friends of Bowling Park

FOBP are a group of enthusiastic volunteers who love the wonderful green open spaces of Bowling Park situated in south east Bradford, West Yorkshire.

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Prayer for Bradford

Prayer for Bradford provides an opportunity for leaders of churches and Christian organisations in Bradford to meet regularly at a prayer breakfast and for church members from across the city to meet together quarterly – all to pray for aspects of our city and the surrounding region.

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Our youth congregation which meets fortnightly at e:merge with youth cells on alternate weeks.

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