Lots of people today are disconnected and isolated.

Perhaps you feel like you are drifting along without a clear direction, not knowing which way to turn.

Everyone needs to feel loved. We all need to belong - a place to call home.

We all need to see hope and life in our community.

We love East Bowling.

St John’s cares about your needs. We’ve been working hard for local people for decades, and we are here for you now.

We are a growing family, from all walks of life, who have discovered hope and life in the amazing, unstoppable love of God. Every single person has a story of transformation that we want to share.

Together, we love to worship God and to learn how to follow Jesus in the highs and lows of everyday life.

This is a journey of discovery. We'd love you to journey with us - one big family discovering the love and power of God every day.


We care passionately for every single person.
We want you to know that you are loved and to discover meaning and purpose in your life.

We want you to experience freedom.
We all have barriers stopping us from becoming who are made to be. These barriers can be removed so that you can enjoy a full life – today and into the future.

We want you to join in.
Play your part in this loving family, as we see amazing things happen in our community.

“We want everyone to experience the joy and freedom that Jesus offers, so that our city will know hope and life in all its fullness.”

- Rev. Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas

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